Terraform Cloud Project Bootcamp [Beginners Edition]

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Official Youtube Playlist
Meet Your Organizers
(Downtown) Andrew Brown
Cloud Instructor
Shala (Gifted Lane)
Student Advocate
Chris (Pickle) Williams
Cloud Therapist

Ashish and Shilpi
Cloud Security Instructors
Curriculum Outline
Week 0 — Prep Week
Sat, Sept 16 2023

This pre-week is to setup bootcampers to be prepared for the first week instruction.

  • Creating your AWS Account
  • Creating your Terraform Cloud Account
  • Copying the project repo
  • How to ask questions in the Discord
  • How to use the student portal
  • and more...
Week 1 — Getting Comfortable with Terraform and Terraform Cloud
Sat, Sept 23 2023

To be announced...

Week 2 — Launching and Connecting TerraHouse to TerraTowns
Sat, Sept 30 2023

To be announced...

Week 3 — Graduation Ceremony
Sat, Oct 07 2023

We'll host a final live-stream Graduation Ceremony to conclude the bootcamp. This week badges will issued out for those that passed the project validator and submitted their homework.

To see a detailed description of the bootcamp here:

Bootcamp Outline
Is the bootcamp for absolute beginners?

Yes, its for absolute beginners to Terraform. We are primarly using AWS as our cloud provider so you need to have some basic knowledge in AWS.

Do I need to know how to code to particpate?

You need to have some knowledge of programming concepts for our beginner bootcamps. See our Bootcamp Outline for suggested free study prerequisite study materials .

Have more questions? Read all questions and answers here:

Frequently Asked Questions
Support Tiers
Participant (Free)
  • Access to the learning platform with layered learning
  • Chance to win swag or cloud certification vouchers
  • Access to Weekly Live-Stream
Supporter (Paid) $5 USD
  • Includes everything in previous tier
  • Access to Discord community and community support
  • Access to QnA After Class (in Discord)
To recieve a badge you need to be in the Terraformer tier.
The Cloud Project

TerraTowns is a community website where terraformers launch their own Terra House (user-created website)

Choose a theme or interest to connect your house to other Terraformers. (think GeoCities circa 2001)

We'll be starting this bootcamp with this:

Github Project Template
The Reward

Bootcampers who succesfully submit homework
and pass the project validator will be issued a badge.

For specific details read the:

Grading Rubric
To recieve a badge you need to be in the Terraformer tier.

We have a private discord channel just for women for this bootcamp.

This acts as an extra layer of insulation for CoC enforcement and fosters the more conducive environment for women learning cloud.

For more information about our CoC read the full document:

Codes of Conduct (CoC)
Who is Bayko? Is Bayko Real?

Yes, Bayko is real.

Yes, Bayko is always listening.

Yes, Bayko we must obey.

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